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Thread: 411 & L35 on boat (problem)

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    Unhappy 411 & L35 on boat (problem)

    Friends, Hello!
    Sorry for my English - I am from Russia

    I put the engine 4.3 (L35 from Blazer) and RMB 411 on boat
    I'm hooked
    - Starter (without a PCM, directly battery)
    - alternator
    - Crankshaft sensor
    - Timer (distributor)
    - MAP
    - EGR
    - Throttle
    - Coolant temperature sensor
    - Connector on the spider (injector). injector 6 pcs.

    Engine tries to start
    Filed the first two pulses to the injector. Then there is the pulse.
    This is very similar to the anti-theft system (immobilizer).

    Say to PCM 411 is anti-thief system (Pass Key, which powered by BSC).

    Or the engine does not start due to other reasons?

    Engine and PCM taken from two different cars

    These PCM 12200411 DFNN
    *86DFNN910279FQQV* 12201281
    HDW NO.09386530

    Thank you!!

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    Hi, have you disabled VATS and the other security items in the tune? If you have not, it will not run.
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