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Thread: Injector Stuck????

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    Default Injector Stuck????

    I tuned a customers truck on Saturday. 03 2500 with Allison. Customer wanted a DSP5 with requested tunes. His requests were almost exact to what I run in both my personal trucks. I made him a tune stock, economy, +110hp, +135hp, +215hp. Took the truck through the tunes. WOT on the 135 and an injector immediately stuck wide open. At Idle, truck was knocking and blowing smoke everywhere. Injector 8 was stuck. Toggled the injector off/on a bunch of times and finally it seated again. Checked everything over and all looked fine. Ran truck again and injector immediately stuck again. Got it to seat but was still hazing badly from #8 injector. I told the customer to get injectors and then come back for a big tune. Customer drove truck home on stock tune. Hazing stopped by the time he got home. 3hr drive. He changed fuel filter and took truck for a drive. Got codes p0202 p0203 p0205 p0208 and p2149. FICM shut down all 4 injectors. He kept trying to clear the codes but they would not. After about an hour they cleared and truck runs somewhat Ok again. Balance rates are +/-1-2 in park. Get worse in drive +/-3-5. The worst is #5 and #8. -3.5 and +4.5 in Drive. I told him he needs injectors.

    Is there anything else this could be besides injectors. This is the first time I ever had an injector stick immediately on a bigger tune.

    I run this exact same tune on my 03 2500, my 03 3500, and my friends 04 2500. No issues whatsoever in over 20,000miles.

    Customers truck:
    He just bought it last week. 03 2500. Has stage 5 trans, billet converter, head studs, fass 150, batmowheel. I saw the heads were recently off the truck. From receipts in the truck we saw a shop did some work to it by previous owner. Called the shop and the owner said they put 1 piston and rod in it. ????????? Had the heads re-done, billet converter, and head studs.

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    I agree it's injectors

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    If the heads where off then the injectors where out, this means there is a possibility contaminants got into the fuel line and injectors. In fact it is almost guaranteed. The increased fuel flow from the larger tune could have flushed the contamination / rust into the injector.

    That is why is is risky reusing injectors or high pressures fuel lines
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