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Thread: Version Incompatibility?

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    Default Version Incompatibility?

    Hi, First post and I need a bit of help.

    I had my truck tuned about two years ago but have some lingering problems and I'm trying to get it re-tuned to get things straitened out.

    I created some data logs and put them on dropbox so my tuner could access them. Looking at the scan and tune software it appears I have version V8.2.2.303 on my laptop. My tuner emailed me back and said he can't see anything in the files, and if I am using V7.5 when I created these. The files look good to me, I can step through everything and see the data changing.

    Anyhow, my question; is there any way to convert these files I already created to something usable in V7.5? I assume I will have to uninstall my scan and tune tool and find 7.5 for my laptop? Thanks!

    Oh, the big problem I am having is almost a complete lack of engine braking. I had it when first tuned, but it seems the truck calibrated it back out of it's self. I had the same issue on the stock tune.

    2009 GMC Sierra LY5 SLE.

    Thanks all for the help!

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    You can simply download V7.5 and install it from the downloads page. V7.5 and V8 coexist together, you need to use both software platforms to tune your vehicle currently (V8 Tune tool does not exist yet).

    I dont know if you can open V8 Scan files with V7.5 or backport them, I've been using V8 as a test but been doing most tuning using V7.5 still (maps, charts, etc all created in there).

    It sounds like DFCO isnt setup correctly.
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    With the new latest V7 tunetool, open the older tune file, then go File->Save As and save it as .ctz.

    Then make sure your tuner has the same new latest V7 tunetool.

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    will take note of this. thanks

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