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Thread: ordered a tune, came in v2 file but I have a V1 cable. not working out

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    Angry ordered a tune, came in v2 file but I have a V1 cable. not working out

    I, have previously tuned this vehicle with my v1 (dps5), my friend ordered a tune from Idaho rob (another DPS tune). I downloaded the new file when I tried to open it to flash it to the truck it first said that I needed to update my software (its been awhile since I updated it), after that it now says that the file is flagged as "private" I cant even open it enough to flash it. It says I must use the V8 software.

    I downloaded the V8 software, it will open but when I go to flash it, it says that the cable isn't connected mind you I have a V1.2 cable. So where em I going wrong? Adrenaline assured him that it could be loaded with a V1 cable.

    98 silverado 4wd excb 5.7l, zz4 cam,roller rockers, shorty headers, 0411 swap, Flash Scan V1 commercial

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    FlashScan V1 can flash *.ctz tune files. The tune file format is not specific to a hardware type.

    FlashScan V1 is limited to pass-thru flashing via V7.5 software only, and only supports older style VPW controllers. It is not compatible with the newer V8 Scan and Tune software.

    If the tuner has applied security to the tune file to prevent you from viewing and modifying their work you will not be permitted to open it in V7.5, which will prevent you from flashing that tune.

    Your choices are to ask the tuner to provide a tune file without security, if they won't, then you'll either need a refund or will need to upgrade to FlashScan V2.


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