Ross one if the most important points I believe Tony is trying to make as well as what I was trying to make is that parts of your existing support doesn't go far enough. I think we both, along with many other people just want to know are you going revisit the noted issues? If not it allows us to give direct answers to customers. That will most likely cost us business if somewhere else they can get more if what they want. I think that for the most part the EFI Live family is still loyal and would like to keep it that way. Each previous year Duramax had sufficient parameters. The LML lacks enough that it gets noticed by the guys tuning them. Some of use are just speaking up and hoping that you will take notice and look into it deeper. It probably dies rub some of us a little more than others since EFI Live was a GM specific alternative in the beginning and some feel that it's suffering from the Cummings rave right now. I just trying myself to relate feelings. I'm not trying to make any jabs toward any one here. If the LP5 won't be able to be tuned then the LML may be the last great GM diesel platform and is becoming more popular because of advances in tuning capabilities. That's why some feel that it deserves everything that it can get out if your software.

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