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Thread: Autocal flashing issues? Bad Autocal?

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    Default Autocal flashing issues? Bad Autocal?

    Hey guys,

    This is with respect to a 2012 CMD Cummins.

    I think I came across a bad autocal but I am looking for some other opinions and things to check.

    To start it was loaded with a BBX and sent out.

    Customer tried to flash a 2012 cummins with the patch file, it asked for the license, then during the erasing phase it immediately to turn key off. When the customer tried to start it over it was throwing a 0533 no vin licenses on the device. Its only been ever used on this computer. At this point the customer contacted me and I have been trying to get it ironed out for the last 2 hours. Heres what I tried/done.

    -updated to RC1
    -EFILive would lock up occasionally with the autocal come up as not responding, dead poll boot and reprogram the firmware would kick it back to life for a short while.
    -When flashing the truck in passthrough it would start the flash then again immediately kick out saying it was completed or through a 0101 code. Tried multiple files. When the flash failed it usually involved the autocal either locking up the computer or kicking out out of the computer and it can no longer be detected (dead poll brings it back)

    - Battery charger on the truck
    - Disconnected batts several times
    - tried different files
    - checked the license status and it is linked to the serial of the controller, however when BBF the truck it askes for a vin license again
    - reinstalled drivers

    I am really thinking this is hardware related as I have not come across this before (atleast not something I was able to solve by doing some variation of the steps above).

    Any ideas? Trying to help this customer out.

    Thanks so much


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    I had a 2012 Monday acting stupid I had to flash a stock file then a patch file then was able to flash the CSP5 file that was all with a v2 and pass through.

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    Yeah that was one of the first things I tried, but we did find out our issue, it had one of these installed

    Came with a canbus module that they plugged into the can bus up and under the dash with spade connectors. Unplugged it and the truck came back to life.

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    Good deal...

    You have to love aftermarket accessories, it makes these things act as bad as LB7's.

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    Yeah its its worse when you dont have the truck in front of you and you have to try and talk through everything on the phone. I am just glad he found it before we took the next step and started swapping out ecms.

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