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Thread: Engine Reduced Power Help!

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    Exclamation Engine Reduced Power Help!

    Just Cal flashed my 2016 with a tune file i had been building and also installed a K&N intake that was off of my 14' i traded for this one. All things the same basically between my 14' and new 16' (5.3/6l80e) and other than the operating systems are different i had absolutley no problems with the '14. After the flash of my new 16' (built file from scratch and just based some parameters off of my 14') as soon as you crank it it displays Engine Power Reduced on the info screen yet there is no CEL even after driving and it is not actually in limp mode. Runs and drives like normal. What could this be? Not sure if it's in the TCM or ECM, why i posted in both areas of the forum.
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    I had the same problem after a tune. Reduce the speed limiter top speed to about 240MPH and it goes away. Something in the program doesn't like the max speed even though you can put it in, and it gives that fault. I don't know where the conflict is, but this will fix it.

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