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    please excuse my ignorance but is there any way to have different tunes set up after a 411 swap? like be able to switch between economy, sport, towing, etc. like on new cars? i have a 1998 gmc k1500 with the 411 swap and its tuned for like max hp and what not i believe but i was wondering if i can have different settings somehow if possible. again im sorry i dont have much knowledge on this topic of pcms and tuning

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    With FSV2 (the EFILive Flashscan V2 handheld unit) you can store multiple tunes (on the SD card you plug in to FSV2)... you can BBF (black box flash, i.e. without PC/laptop) the PCM with tunes on the SD card.

    But, with gasoline engine, you get the best fuel economy and the best HP/TQ from a proper street (i.e. knock safe) tune... i.e. at light throttle you get fuel economy, at heavy throttle you get torque, at wot you get power... so you really only need one tune.

    Now, having said that, you may want the auto trans shift schedule/points to be different for economy and for performance... but you can still achieve this with a single tune by separately editing the light throttle and heavy throttle portions of the shift curves.

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    You can flash the different tunes in, however it is not "on-the-fly", you must shut off the vehicle and wait ~30-60sec for the flash to complete and cycle the ignition. If you're looking for an "on-the-fly" option, a proper tune like Joe mentioned will get you the best economy/power in 1 engine tune, and you can use the Tow/Haul switch to setup a 2nd set of shift points and shift pressures for the transmission tune.
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