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Thread: ls1 big cam ignition timing

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    Default ls1 big cam ignition timing

    just wondering what sort of timing people are running with big cams. i have almost 70deg of overlap in a std stroke ls1 with 10.8:1 comp and mild ported heads 3k stall 3.9 diff gears atm timing is about 24 idle 45 at cruise 42 light acceleration 33 heavy acceleration and 29 at wot. there are no signs of knock retard and carnt hear any knock but i have no knock ears every time i add timing it get better to drive but without the correct tools for the job where do i stop.
    the reason i ask is i have payed 2 shops to tune this car both shop with a good rep and both times it has come back driving like shit even worse than the 30 min base tune i did on it to get it to the shop. so now i have decided to just do it myself but i am no tuner. anyone with any info please comment any help would be great

    forgot to mention i was using the dvt control while doing this log and have since updated my tune but have now found that it wont go over 40deg even if i command a higher number seems the limit of efi live is 40deg does anyone know if i am correct
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