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Thread: Error code $0281 2003 LB7, Help!

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    Exclamation Error code $0281 2003 LB7, Help!

    Was in the middle of flashing my ECM over to Full 1 and accidentally disconnected my AutoCal and now my truck wont start and gives me error code $0281. Did I fry my ECM or is their a way to repair the connection between my EFI Live and my ECM?

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    Send it to SoCal Diesel, IF a full flash fails it could be bricked

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    Have you tried full flashing it again? If it happened in the first ~15-30 seconds, it likely needs to be sent to be repaired.
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    I have been unable to try and do a complete reflash due to the error and I am missing the cable that goes from the AutoCal to my computer so I ordered it to hook up my laptop to my truck and see if it registers my VIN. Hopefully it will establish a connection with it.

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    I fix them all the time. Call during biz hours and i can tell you what you need to do to get it fixed.
    $50 is the cost to fix them.
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