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Thread: Customizing the AutoCal (paint plastics)

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    Default Customizing the AutoCal (paint plastics)

    How many people out there are as curious as I, and removed there "warranty void" sticker to see how to take apart there AutoCal???

    I did, now my next question. How many people have painted there device?

    How many people made new plastics for it?

    Now just to be clear, yes this voids your warranty.

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    If you want to customize a batch of them to ship to customers, EFILive has provided the template for the front overlay graphic. Many tunershops have their own front cover decals that brand their product. I'm not sure if you just order the AutoCals without the normal white/blue EFILive decal or if you just remove it when you receive the shipment.

    As for painting the entire case and/or making a different color case, havent heard of anyone doing that yet.
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    The die needed for the cases is really expensive (as are most custom dies), I would suggest that maybe a 3D printer could probably do a small run of them if you were really keen.
    I've never heard of a plastic paint that would be any good long term.

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