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Thread: Is the 411 PCM upgrade worth it for only basic mods

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    Thanks, i will likely do the work to swap to the 411. I will work with my tuner who has experience with 98-00 BBC and likely go with whatever he suggests. At this point i don't think i am really interested in anything a COS upgrade has to offer, but i figured it may add some flexibility in the future? I will have to do some more reading thru these forums. After i do the 411 PCM, cam, headers and transmission, i likely wont be doing much else other than looking thru the maps for a little extra performance here or there and playing with the PCM inputs/outputs to control gauges/fans etc.

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    Sounds good, then a stock OS should be just fine for you. Good to hear your tuner has more knowledge about this swap, I can help with the mixing/matching/mashing of tunes and how to get your base tune setup, but I havent done anything with a BBC before just LSx stuff with the 0411.
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    Sounds great, stock OS it will be, thanks again for the help, you have saved me a bunch of time as i wanted to have this stuff roughly sorted out before i started pulling my truck apart.

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    ( I don't know why the forum software was marking your 3 posts 'Moderated' (I didn't see any questionable url's) which makes them invisble... I saw that you posted the same material after that so I deleted those 3 moderated posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarabEpic22 View Post
    You can read/edit/save tunes plus datalog/scan/clear codes for free. The first time you flash a controller, that's when you have to license it. I've pulled tunes off friend's cars to build a repository and never license the controller.

    The blackbox PCM is just older and not as powerful plus much more limited in the parameters available. For example, the 1 spark table (there are 2 in the LS1B PCM) is a 19x16 table. The LS1B is 25x29 and there are 2 (high and low). The breakpoints are smaller and allow for different spark values every 200rpm for the LS1B vs 400 for the blackbox.

    I dont know if you can segment swap a blackbox PCM from an automatic to a manual transmission which might be another issue if you're putting a 5spd behind it.

    The blackbox PCM has entered end of life, so if there is an issue, it will not be fixed.

    Download V7.5 software from the main homepage and then download these tunes to compare. Don't worry about the displacement differences, that's easy to change. More importantly, the first is a blackbox PCM and the other 2 are LS1B 512kb PCMs. You will need to use one of them as your base tune for the swap so the PCM knows how to run a BBC. (Links are from the tune repository DropBox)

    2000 C3500 7.4L Stock tune: 2000+Chevrolet+C3500+Truck+Automatic+L19+7.4+Litre +(16265175).tun

    2002 Express Van Stock tune: 2002+Chevrolet+Express+Van+Automatic+L31+5.7+Litre +(PCM+12212156).tun

    2002 Silverado 8.1L Stock tune: 2002+Chevrolet+Silverado+Truck+Automatic+L18+8.1+L itre+(12216125).tun

    the drop box is now all empty. Did someone else take up the tune repository?

    Am interested in the 2002 Express Van Stock tune with L31 5.7 and 4l60e trans:
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