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    Default A50/T14 confusion

    Title should read A50/T14. Not T15

    I have a customer with a failed TCM in his 09 LMM Duramax. He bought a replacement (used) and I swapped them. The replacement was service number 24256861 and the old one is 25978353. Not knowing this I just read the original which auto detected as an A50 and opened as an A50 file. Replaced. Auto detected the new one as an A50 and licensed ok. I I tried to load the original tune file in, the flash started briefly in the programming and got an error of which I thought was $0600. That's not a valid error so I'm thinking it was $06CC. After that error I began to re attempt with $0101. The TCM will no longer autodetect and continues to give $0101. I did unplug the TCM for a but and it did autodetect again as an A50. Same dance when I went to full flash tho, $0101. Anyone have any idea? Possible bad used TCM. Seller claims no issues. Possible this is a A50/T14 mismatch confusion and I inadvertently bricked the replacement TCM? What's the differences and are both files comparable with each other without bricking the TCM? Not sure where to go from here other than get a new one and try again. Just don't want to brick another if this is an issue on my end. I have flashed several A50 with stock and modified files without ever a hiccup. This is my first replacement job. I did change the vin in the controller prior to flashing and the vin in the tune was correct. Sorry for the rant, just trying to be detailed.
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