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Thread: DLG-1 Problems.

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    Default DLG-1 Problems.

    I'm a new member and this is my first post. I have scoured this site for any and all info I can find on the Innovate Dlg-1 and L-2. I am attempting to hook my Efi-live up to my Dlg-1 but am having no luck. I am trying to hook through serial with a null modem because it is supposed to be a better connection. I have the Lc-2 wired from its out to the Dlg-1 in and the serial runnig from the Dlg-1 out. I have enabled the wideband in V8 and in the V2. I did all the steps in the FSV2 tutorial and updated both V8 and V2. BB 2.07.007 and firmware 2.07.113. The wideband is not seen in my V2 at all. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Went to one of the last Radio shacks and got my null modem. Guess what? THey sold me a serial connector. Got the correct part and it works great now. Hopefully my ecm is not bricked lol. WTB less of a learning curve.

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    I was working thrut threads and was about to respond to post #1 above, but I see you got it working.

    The null modem adapter should say so on it, otherwise it's just a serial connector as you have found out.

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