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Thread: High spark and knock after COS3 install

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    Full flash (and two step) no longer required, just make the amendments and then cal flash in the changes. Until you get happy/confidence do the cal flash then trundle along gently to check the log before venturing into aggressive throttle/high map areas.


    2000 LS1 M6, No EGR/Air/PS/CATs. TR230 Cam, COS3, OLSD, LC1 Wideband fitted, Procharger P1SC, 2 Bar MAP, Siemans Dekka 60Lb Injectors.
    All wrapped up in a 2000Lb AC Cobra Replica

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    Anything below 40kPa will be ok, yes 15kPa is stock.

    +1 what Jim said, do cal flash from now on.

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