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Thread: Help to make Calc PIDs in V8

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    Default Help to make Calc PIDs in V8

    Hello EFI Live team
    I hope there will be a tutorial to help make Calculated PIDs in V8

    Thanks in advance
    EFILive Tuner

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    I thought the was a thread which briefly showed how, but I can't find it I'll look for it.

    In the meantime see attached example file from my folder C:\Users\joecar\Documents\EFILive\V8\Config (remove the .txt from the end of the filename).

    GLOBAL=Global Functions
    WO2SER=Wide Band O2 Sensors (Serial-Comms)
    WO2CAN=Wide Band O2 Sensors (CAN-bus)
    FUNCTION="Global Functions",factor,0
    1=|function iff(x,y,z)
    2=|if (x) then return y else return z end
    WO2BEN="Base Efficiency Numerator (Serial-Comms)(Dynamically-Leanest)",factor,3
    0=|-- WO2SER.WO2BEN
    1=|return iff(pid("WO2LAM1")>pid("WO2LAM2"),pid("WO2LAM1"),pid("WO2LAM2"))*pid("EQIVRATIO")
    WO2BEN="Base Efficiency Numerator (CAN-bus)(Dynamically-Leanest)",factor,3
    0=|-- WO2CAN.WO2BEN
    1=|return iff(pid("WO2S11")>pid("WO2S21"),pid("WO2S11"),pid("WO2S21"))/pid("EQ_RAT")
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    An update to this? I'd like to try to do some data logging with V8 versus 7.5 to see if I can get it to work but need some help with the syntax when I try making the formula's from calc_pids.txt.

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