So my AutoCal seems bricked. I have looked around the forums and did not find anything useful. I bought the AutoCal in 2014 from Smiths Diesel in Cedar city, Utah. The issue is every time I try to do anything with the device I get one of the two codes stated above. If I get the 0281 then it tells me to Turn ignition off NOW, Wait 15 Seconds. I called the Shop I bought it from and they told me my OBDII would be the issue...False, I plugged in my snap-on code reader and everything worked just fine, I plugged in a different reader, Imagine that it works as well. So it is the AutoCal, I called back and they said it could be the cord or the pins on the plug. Pins are fine, continuity test on all the wires, all checked out well. So that is not the issue, It is most defiantly either a software issue or internal hardware. here are pictures to show whats happening the best I can.this is mostly the 0280 code, I received the 0281 code when I select Read 1 E35B,
it gives the 81 code then instructs to turn ignition off. Click image for larger version. 

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