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Thread: Electronic throttle control conversion for the F-Body?

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    Default Electronic throttle control conversion for the F-Body?

    What does it take to convert to ETC? I know the same PCM was used on F and Y cars in 2000 and that I'd need to obtain a TAC module and pedal assembly. It sounds like Speartech has the retrofit cable. I suppose the operating system would need to be updated which I can't do with with my personal scan & tune license. Would cruise control still work? Is it a problem that my Camaro has an EGR and the Corvette doesn't? Are there other issues I haven't considered?

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    I think that eletronic throttle control only exists on sone 1 MB PCM's which I believe have a different interface plug for starters. Disregarding the ETC, there may be other sensor incompatabilities but maybe not.



    If Speartech makes an adapter harness, give them a call and have a discussion with one of their technical types.

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    (Oh yeah, I'd need a new throttle body.)

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    Just two words.........BIG JOB.
    In fact the early PCM's have the ETC code in them.
    It would not be something I would attempt, it's always the little things that make it hard, like getting your existing cruise and TCS systems incorporated.
    Whilst ETC offers some nice functions, I 'personally' would rather a cable.


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    I've exchanged mail with Speartech and they can make the required harnesses for my 2000 F-body and even obtain the modules and throttle body. So hardware is not an issue.

    My Camaro has OS 9381344. Does it contain support for ETC? What about cruise control? I assume I'd need to upgrade to the commercial scan and tune to be able to look at and possibly modify the ETC calibration; would I also need (or want) to use a different operating system?

    I have a PLX wideband (M-300) that I'm going to install in another week or two, temporarily disable the MAF and start tuning my stock setup (it's an SS with SLP dual-duals and lid). Would tuning be easier (or better) if I got rid of my dual VE table OS and switched to a 2001 OS? Would I be able to keep my EGR with a 2001 OS?

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