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Thread: Cos5 help after loading tune car wont start without maf plugged in

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    Thanks Joe.
    2005 Chevy Avalanch. stock except for k&n filter. Now doing efi live tuning.

    2000 nbm T/A.m6 now a 6.0 lq4 with ported 241 heads,f14 cam,fast 90 and NW tb. Edlebrock stepped race headers 12 bolt rear with 4.10 gears previously tuned by Futral with Hp tuners. Now trying to tune with efi live myself.
    dyno'ed at 441/410 with old motor(346 with f13 cam) and 518/540 on a 75 shot dry kit.

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    I posted about this a while back I up the lower areas in the maf to fix this

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    Thanks, I cross-linked these 2 threads.

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