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Thread: V2 RJ11 Connection

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    Default V2 RJ11 Connection

    HI, I had this working once, but my cable is MIA. I am attempting to hook up an AEM wideband to V2. I am pretty sure that on the RJ11 plug I hooked up black (pin 2) to ground and Yellow (pin 5) to the blue serial output of the AEM gauge. I tried to make another cable, but keep getting the message "Wideband O2 not found." Any help would be great. Thanks!
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    FSV2 serial comm port pinout:
    Quote Originally Posted by mr.prick View Post
    1 = Tx Data
    2 = Rx Data
    5 = Ground
    You have to wire your wideband serial comm output to FSV2 like this:
    so somewhere in between them this has to be done (this is what the null modem adapter does, crosses Rx and Tx):
    wb.Rx ---> V2.Tx
    wb.Tx <--- V2.Rx

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