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Thread: LB7 20 over injector help

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    Default LB7 20 over injector help

    This is my first post here and i think im in the right spot

    My dad has a 04 duramax LB7 we just did head gaskets and 20 over injectors and installed a fast 150 lift pump and now the truck has a bad bog leaving intersections. We cant figur out why it bogs. The bog hapens stock tuned(100% factory) or with the edge chip in it or with efi live in it (what little i know about tunning diesels) i corrected the injector polse width.

    The bog is from idle to about 1800-2000 rpm then the truck black smokes and takes off (my dad dose not want black smoke) if you let off the throttle and get in to it agian and rpm are above 2000 no bog it only hapens if the rpm drops below 2000

    Other mods the truch has is a air aid air filter and intake and changed the wastgate on turbo and a bd disel stage 3 tranny and i think thats everything

    Any help would be grate we are going on a long trip next week and need to get it figured out

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    Re-evaluate the wastegate function. The bog is not related to your injectors. Also ensure there are no air leaks intake or charge piping side.

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    Will do

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