Had a question...

would it be possible to set it so Autocals could be linked to one master Flashscan V2 for the "ECM" tune files, and then be allowed to link to a second Flashscan V2 for "TCM" files?

Reason I ask is because with all the BCM tuning I do (which EFILive just treats as a TCM licence/file), its kinda frustrating to require my customers who have Autocals and ECM tuning from XYZ-tuner to then have to first send my BCM files to XYZ-tuner to have them linked to the customers Autocal.

It would be nice to just cut out the "middleman" and extra step of hassling XYZ-tuner just to link/license my BCM files every time my customers want a BCM tune update/revision.

It would also help out customers who want to mix and match ECM tuning and TCM tuning. For example on the LML Duramax, many companies offer ECM tuning, but only a few companies offer TCM tuning...makes it hard if your preferred ECM tuner doesnt also offer TCM tuning, and you have to go through a third party.