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    I have an 05 lly, I bought the truck 6 years ago and it already had duramax tuners dsp5 tunes on it. I have never messed with them. Ive also had an 07 classic that I installed the dsp5 switch too, and installed Idaho rob tunes on. SO, I bought the cts2 to get rid of some gauges, clean the truck up, and use the monitor to switch tunes. The truck was a nightmare, after finally figuring out to unplug any and everything that as aftermarket on the truck (7 hours worth if trying and failing) I finally got everything to take. I figured out how to switch the dsp5 from hardwire to serial. Now comes the part that I'm pissed about. When I went to flash the truck it wanted me to buy a license to make the calibration change from hardwire to serial. The truck came with efi live tunes. I understand that my flashcan isn't the one that tuned the pickup, but, do I have to buy a 125.00 dollar license to make this change. If that is the case, my opinion on EFI live just took a major hit. Can anyone shed some light on the situation, in case I am doing something wrong, or how do I find the missing info that I might need. Please, any and all help would be greatly appreciated

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    If you dont have a license for the controller on your device, yes you will need to license it. Doesn't matter if you make 1 small change or a complete tune, you have to have a VIN license assigned to the controller on your FlashScan device (and the proper Tuning license, GM and/or Cummins). If you have an AutoCal that is already licensed to the controller, you need to contact the original tuner and have them send you a new tune with the changes made.
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    Already answered HERE , and via Email support.
    Need official EFILive help, please go here.
    For tuning support please post your questions on this forum (or other auto forums).
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