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Thread: lc1 BEN factor for auto ve leaning out afr

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    Default lc1 BEN factor for auto ve leaning out afr

    Hi, I have a 408 running an ls1a pcm and i'm trying to run the auto ve tutorial. I followed it step by step and when I copied and pasted the BEN chart into my backup VE table it was a .8 multiplier across the board and it leaned the motor out even more then it already was. I attempted a second log of data to get even closer but was so lean the car just fell on its face after leaving the driveway I had to load an older tune back in. I was expecting to have some 1.x numbers on the chart since at certain rpms I was running a little lean. I'm still a beginner at tuning but I have done a lot of searching and can't find an answer. Something that seems funny is the tutorial wants the commanded AFR logged and it shows 8.62, I'm running e85 so I have my stoich input set to 9.7 i believe but I don't know why it wants such a rich commanded AFR.

    I attempted to attach my auto ve log, hopefully it shows my BEN factor and anything else you may need.

    thanks for any help/suggestions
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