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Thread: Sep 2017, Release Candidate 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck CoW View Post
    Not sure if it's even slightly, remotely related, but I might go to work tomorrow and try my old reliable E38 configurations on a simple bolt on car.

    I saw you mention that the DMA type pids might get strange results, and I had to ask.
    The problem described with DMA PIDs in "Issue #2" comes about because the EFILive software sets up virtual PIDs (DMA PIDs) in the ECM to retrieve data from specific memory locations in the ECM's RAM. That is why they are called DMA (Direct Memory Access) PIDs. Those virtual PIDs' memory locations are "reprogrammed" into the ECM each time a data log is started. If, while data logging, the ignition is switched off and the ECM is allowed to acquiesce (i.e. to go into low power or sleep mode), it may forget the memory location of the one or more DMA PIDs. Then when the ECM wakes up and data logging continues the DMA PIDs may return data from the wrong memory location.

    You're not letting the ECM "go to sleep" by switching off the ignition for more than 20-30 seconds while continuing to data log - are you?
    If simply restarting the data log does not "fix" the problem then "Issue #2" is not causing the problem.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    the V7 calc_pids.txt file I gave you does not use the _M pids...

    see attached. rename it to calc_pids.txt...

    select the following pids:

    those will let you tune the VVE tables.

    You can see the ECM specific commanded fueling _DMA/_M pids are not necessary, the pid SAE.LAMBDA is sufficient (but this requires you use CALC.WO2BEN from the calc_pids.txt attached).

    Edit: if you're using 2 widebands simulataneously, let me know, I have a calc_pids.txt that combines them (selects the leanest on the fly).
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