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Thread: Scan tool F11 maps tab gone.

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    Default Scan tool F11 maps tab gone.

    Hi all,

    Having a bit of a headache with my scan tool, went to use the "F11 MAPS" tab and it has gone, all other tabs are there, when I go into "View" "F11 maps tab" it does not open either.

    Have uninstalled 7.5 and 8 along with all folders I can find in C drive and documents along with any other files that I could find with a search for "efilive" then reinstalled EFIlive but still no F11 Maps tab, Anyone know how to completely remove EFIlive? or am I missing some sort of hot key that makes F11 invisible?

    Thanks Wayne

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    Don't uninstall/reinstall...!!

    Try doing View->Show Maps.

    If that did not work then try this:
    go Edit->Properties->Display and uder Tab pages checkmark Prevent tabs being undocked.

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    Thanks Joe,

    Should have asked sooner, I don't like asking for help until I have spent a good amount of time trying to sort things out myself but this one I should have just asked straight away, the "Prevent Tabs Being undocked" worked, I went through all the properties settings early on but missed that one...

    Thanks again Joe for the fast and effect reply!!

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