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    I'm having problems with my Monaro VXR LS2 (E40). To give you some background as to what happened, I changed the clutch and flywheel and when I started the car I got an EML and the traction control was off (signaling a sensor fault), a quick check with EFI Live showed that the map sensor had a problem, upon inspection it was broken. I replaced the MAP sensor and the EML went away but the Traction Control remains off.

    I was told that when the car shows Traction Control off there is a fauly sensor somewhere, the problem is I don't know where. I've been told I can perform a full scan with EFI Live that will probably show me where the problem is, can anyone advise on how I do this?

    Many thanks

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    In the V7 scantool:

    go Edit->Properties->Advanced and checkmark Check/Clear DTCs for All Modules, make sure all the buttons for Display DTCs are blue (i.e. active), and then click Ok.

    then go Info->Retrieve All Test Results... when this is donr, go view the results on the OBD II tab.

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