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Thread: 2010 L99 Camaro powertrain transplant

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    Default 2010 L99 Camaro powertrain transplant

    We are doing an L99/6L80E transplant into a 53' Chevy 5 window and it is going to be a family members first vehicle.

    Needless to say, I am looking for a best practice to derate this thing for a while. So far I did not see an obvious pedal map in my brief digs. I was mostly reading the VATS threads and looking at that aspect. If someone has an idea for how to accomplish this I am all ears. Otherwise I'll play with some options here soon after it is running. Current status is routing the fuel lines and hanging the wire harness.

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    I'd get it running by killing VATS and tuning MAF/VVE and spark. Once you have it running, then you can look at limiting the power via the Torque Management area of the E38 and set some max TQ limiters.
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    Default 2010 L99 Camaro powertrain transplant

    Sure you can detune the engine a few ways but most traditional means detune the efficiency. With an L99 you have the flexibility to run efficiently at lower power, aided with AFM and VVT.
    In order to bring a performance built L99 into line for daily use, I upped triggers for cylinder deactivation (AFM) and tuned the VVT (cam phaser) tables to putt around like a Prius at low rpm and low load. Basically less compression and more expansion, deactivating half the cylinders.
    This way you can scale down power delivery without sacrificing efficiency, the upside is of course you can also ramp in full power per rpm or load.
    You know, same principle as VTEC, yo!
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