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Thread: Course Outline

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    Quote Originally Posted by dian View Post
    does the above site work? after clicking "order now" nothing happens.
    I don't know if EFI University are still running EFI courses. You'd need to contact them directly to find out.
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    I messaged them. They still teach EFI courses, but not software tuning tool specific. I hope they don't mind me quoting them:

    We do not offer any manufacturer specific training for reflash of OEM ECU’s such as EFILive, HPTuners, Cobb, SCT, etc

    Our focus is more about engine tuning with EFI to be applied to any type of efi system installed on any engine type.

    We cover the fundamentals of engine theory with regards to the how and why of choosing a fuel type, Lambda, air fuel ratio and spark timing affect a given engine type and what differences need to be accounted for during the tuning process.

    We also cover all the systems and components and review tables and their manipulation for achieving best engines performance.

    We create a path for a learner to use their calculator and the formulas in the class to build tables and maps from scratch and load them into their chosen brand of software. As it would be impossible to cover the specific use of every brand of computer on the market, we choose to remain brand agnostic and instead, focus on the how and why’s that can be applied to any system.
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