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Thread: Trouble after DSP5 upgrade

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    Default Trouble after DSP5 upgrade

    Working on a 2003 lb7. Ive tuned a Cummins before but this is the first duramax that I've worked on. Truck runs great in stock form. Upgraded to dsp5 and ran the script to populate the maps. Drove the truck without changing anything else and it seemed to run as stock. Which it should. Did a few changes to fuel and timing maps and flashed the ecm. Stock ran fine, then switched up to level 2 but it defueled like crazy. Truck would go down the road but you could put it to the floor and it would just crawl. Checked the units (torque units) and they are all in lbs ft. Any ideas folks?

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    Nevermind I figured it out. MAF allowable error was holding it back.

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