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Thread: Tuning for Non-VGT Turbo

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    Default Tuning for Non-VGT Turbo

    Considering upgrading to a non-VGT turbo in my 2012 Dodge Ram 2500. My question is, what maps must be edited or turned off for it to run smoothly and not throw drive pressure through the roof. I will be doing the tuning but it will be a learning process for me as far as tuning for a different turbo. Specifics are not important just general maps and whether they need to be edited or used at all. I do know there will be a host of DTC's to turn off as well. Thanks

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    No DTC list appears in the Editor, so unless you have created a CAX file and can edit them within the V7.5 Editor you may need to purchase a tune from a pro who can disable the codes for your swap.

    Good Luck

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