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Thread: 2008 H3 Alpha 5.3 LH8 and E67 Timing Question

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    Default 2008 H3 Alpha 5.3 LH8 and E67 Timing Question

    I'm looking through a friend's stock 2008 H3 Alpha with a 5.3 LH8 engine and the E67 controller. I have a question about table B5154. It looks like this table is added to the main spark tables. B5154 is specifically related to camshaft phaser movement, and this engine does not have VVT.

    Should I zero out this table? I want to copy the high and low octane spark tables from an LH6 tune (identical engine with regards to pistons/heads/intake/size, LH6 has slightly larger camshaft and less conservative timing). I would prefer to not have another table altering the spark tables if it isn't necessary.

    Is there any more description as to when B5154 is enabled or used by the engine, or is it always active? I have attached the tune I am working with for reference. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    E67 2008 H3 Alpha Dave Stanton Stock.ctz

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    I would zero table B5154 just in case (and because I'm not sure how VVT is enabled/disabled)... also look at B7965 (which is set to zero in your ctz file).

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