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I'm tuning a transplant and I'm running into problems.
It is a 2.2L Ecotech in a customers buggy. This is the only P11 I've ever messed with so I'm at a bit of a loss on this one.
It seems like a very simple ECU and such. But I'm having a problem with this vehicle.

It has a small "header" on it, with equal length primaries. No exhaust leaks. No cats. Magnaflow muffler.
Air Filter attached directly to the throttle body with a small tube. It's a Spectre brand. No MAF.
That's really it for the modifications.

When I go towards WOT, the car just goes SUPER rich and throws a check engine for "lean bank 1" (See attached)

So, the ONLY thing I'm noticing is that it does NOT have a second 02 sensor installed or plugged in. It does have the wiring for one, though.

I was able to find stock files in the "other" software. I did a compare and it looks like the person who "tuned" this car once before barely touched any part of the file. I see that the needed VATS and CHECK ENGINE light DTC's were disabled for the mods. I see some timing and fuel added. PE tables were touched. But that's about it.

If you watch the datalog, you'll see that the 02 is throwing in a BUNCH of fuel like it's going into some sort of "Limp Mode". My wideband does show the event, so it's confirmed.

Does anyone have any idea on this one?
Thank you!

(I can attach the "other" files if you need)