have installed lots for customers on different vehicles. never had an issue after disabling components. I go with one for my truck and I go to program full and after it is done installing, and for a dsp5 tune it went in in about 2 minutes so was a lot quicker then I ever experienced I went to scroll over to mess with the tunes and all 5 say none and when I select one it says not supported. I went back to factory and now the only tune it shows is stock. there is no more dsp5 tune, it also wiped out the configuration on all menus. so I had to find a old version of v8 to reinstall the e54_f files in config. they were there but were popping up 0502 and 0503 codes so I got the older version of v8 and put in files now it will read pids, read dtcs and tune but only factory tune. the other tune is no where to be found. what gives.