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Thread: $0331 error with LB7 ECM

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    Default $0331 error with LB7 ECM

    I am having troubles connecting with 3 different ECM's, two have tunes locked by the tuner (I am trying to do a full flash from the same tuner), the third was a reman from a GM dealership which had a stock, generic LB7 GM tune with a Tech II (nothing special if you can believe them). I always seem to end up with the $0331 error. The first 2 ECM's already had custom tunes on them with the associated license, the third was a new to me ECM without an EFI license, and I got the same error when trying to set a license to the ECM.

    Prior to starting down this process, I updated both V7.5 and V8 software, and updated my V2 using the V8 interface. I have also removed the radio fuses and selected all the unlock features from the Full Flash menu.

    Am I doing something wrong? Have I missed something?

    I could really use some help on this.

    Thank you.
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    That code is usually cause by a hosed up ECM, if its the same truck and you don't have a bench harness then you might want to get a bench harness to rule out anything with the truck.

    Request Out of Range ($31)
    The controller does not support the requested OBD mode’s, sub-function’s parameter.
    Contact EFILive if this error persists.

    $0333 is another bad one to get on that controller

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    Did you get this resolved?
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