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Thread: 2010+ Cummins stock tune library

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    Default 2010+ Cummins stock tune library

    Because these ECM's cannot be read via OBD-II we do get a lot of requests for stock tunes, EFILive cannot provide these so you will have to seek other methods to obtain a suitable file for your vehicle prior to tuning it.
    The information below is to assist you in seeking the correct file.

    Firstly identify what calibration came with the ECM, this can be found by looking on the ECM label. You are looking for the 'E/C' number as seen in the image below, this will make sure the source you are getting the tune file from is giving you the correct calibration for your vehicle.
    In the example below 'DO90072' refers to the vehicle specific calibration configuration and the '.04' is the fourth revision. Yours may have a different revision like DO90072.02 or DO90072.05

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As another point of reference the file OS number can be used to check the year model it was written for (CM2350B examples below).

    If OS is x1.1x.xx.xx = x1 Cab/Chassis, 1x = Model year, eg 16 = 2016
    If OS is x2.1x.xx.xx = x2 Pickup, 1x = Model year, eg 16 = 2016
    If OS is x3.1x.xx.xx = x3 Special / Export, 1x = Model year, eg 14 = 2014
    If OS is x4.1x.xx.xx = x4 Special / Export, 1x = Model year, eg 14 = 2014

    A full example of the above on a CME (CM2350B) would be:
    32 = Pickup
    14 = MY 14
    02.04 = OS build level.

    The CMF (CM2450B) follows a similar system except the OS's start with 5x, so you would see numbering like this:
    51 = Cab & Chassis
    20= MY 20
    03.00= OS build level.

    In years gone by Dodge used to provide for the public a pdf that listed their own Calibration ID's, ones that looked like '32350030AV' or '32381232AJ'. Unfortunately that service has since been removed so referencing stock tunes by Dodge Calibration ID's is difficult to cross reference now.

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