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Thread: Mustang PowerDyne Software with EFILive

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    Default Mustang PowerDyne Software with EFILive

    Question, not to sure if this is a good location for this thread but anyhow. Does anyone use their mustang dyno and powerdyne software with EFILive? There's an option to direct connect to EFILive, just have a few question around setting it up. Using the OBDII splitter with my dyno and efilive is useless.

    Thanks in advanced

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    You can't have two scantools running on the same OBD-II plug (eg the Dyno PC and EFILive talking at the same time to the car).
    For EFILive to work alongside a compatible dyno PC the connections are made to the V2 serial port instead. I'm sorry I don't know if that dyno is supported to do this.
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    I don't use the splitter at all. For diesel I use the OBD-II plug to pull rpm, or use the optical pick-up if data-logging. The powerdyne PC has the EFILive otion in the menu, never noticed it until now. Was curious does it work with the Efilive scan tool while hooked to the serial com port with the powerdyne pc software running? looks as if it uses RPM from the EFIlive software only, not 100% sure will try using it at the end of the day.

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