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Thread: Transfer License from V1 to V2

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    Default Transfer License from V1 to V2

    My friend purchased a used car and got the V1 that was used to program it. He has a V2 and we were wondering if there is still an option to move the licenses from the V1 to the V2. If I remember this leaves the V1 unable to add any additional licenses, but that isn't a problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Im not sure if you can transfer licenses from a V1 to V2 that dont share the same overall license # or if the V2 can be put in the "transfer mode" once it has been used. It's been like 11 years since I've done the transfer on my own V1 -> V2 so I'm a bit fuzzy on it.
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    You can transfer licenses from V1 only if you purchase a V2 specifically as an upgrade from your V1 (which leaves the V1 not able to add licenses).

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