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Thread: Allison 6spd {D5010} not mapped??? TCC Control for 2nd gear lockup for T87 TCM

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    Default Allison 6spd {D5010} not mapped??? TCC Control for 2nd gear lockup for T87 TCM

    How come we do not have access to {D5010} ?
    I need to enable and adjust my 2nd gear lockup on an LML and cannot access it. {D5011-14} are present for control of TCC apply in 3rd through 6th.
    Can I map this feature myself?
    Will it be added at some point?
    My current OS is 24274899

    thanks again,

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    I also wish to modify the tcc in the t87, seems there is currently no way to increase the tcc engagement, i mean how fast it applys. I have a tuned ecm and seems to not be able to keep up w engines new found power . Is there a way i can modify that? Also the part throtle shift speeds dont seem to change no matter how i alter them , whats going on there ? Are they using some other method to make shifts happen ? shift are coming on to soon w the new lock up stategy, need to move them out a bit . Any advise would be GREATLY app.
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    There is a Solenoid that controls overall main line pressure, if that overall pressure is increased to its maximum, it helps clamp the clutches better and would most likely help to lock the TCC easier an quicker with the higher pressures.

    There is also a slip inhibit function............

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