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Thread: new to this but cant get v8 to work

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    Default new to this but cant get v8 to work

    been doing some tunning over the last 6 months using v7,5 tunning software. Have some tunning to do and need to use the v8 software but cant figure out how to open a tune to it? I see it says to save it using v7.5 then open it with 8. Cant figure out how to get this to work any help would be awesome --thanks

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    If you want to edit the tune file (.ctz), start V7 tunetool, go File->Open and select your tune file (.ctz).

    Or, on your tune file (.ctz), go rigthclick->Open With and select V7 tunetool.

    Or, start V8 S&T, click F3 Tune, click Open (at bottom), select your tune file (.ctz), then click F5 Edit, click Edit With EFILive V7.5.

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