Congratulations on your success in getting your 2013 6.7 to run in your Ford van. I am in the process of putting a 2010 6.7 into a 92 F350 using the CM2200 ECM. I searched on EFILive and found a bench harness diagram for this ECM. I am however unable to flash my controller with a base file. I keep getting the error $0549 Ignition is switched off. Also when I follow the EFILive instructions on how to find out the current calibration that is on the ECM it seems to read it but all values are 0000000's. I've tried adding the inputs of the ASD relay and the additional B+ pins with no change. My bench harness consists of Pins 2,4,6 (grounds) Pins 3 & 5 (12V constant) Pin 70 Ignition off/run/start control output, Pin 71 Ignition Run/start/control output. The 12V fused leads going to the ASD and pins 70 and 71 are on a switch to simulate ignition being turned off or on. Any help would be great.