I have had a roadrunner for some time now licensed to EFILive, I purchased a 2nd roadrunner a little bit back but haven't used it since then, when I tried to use it with efilive it says I need to purchase a license. I already have a license, do I need to purchase a 2nd license? per Moates website it states that if I purchase a license I can flash as many RR pcm's as I like.
Below is whats on Moates site.

EFILive natively supports the RoadRunner. In order to use it with EFI Live, you must purchase the Roadrunner license. After purchasing the license, you can use the Roadrunner in any vehicle supported by the ECM. You can tune as many RoadRunner equipped ECMs as you like – you do not need to buy additional licenses for additional RoadRunners. If you want to flash a copy of the program in the Roadrunner into the vehicle’s original ECM, you can do this but standard EFI VIN or Stream licensing fees will apply.

Is there a way I can use my 2nd RR with EFILive?