Good morning, and first day as member here. I purchased a tune from Longhorn Fab Shop over the winter, and finally got to installing it yesterday. Did a nice install of DSP5 switch, and I can post pictures of it later. Before we get there, though, I'm having some aggrevating issues with 0281 error messages.

1. Followed all the instructions to pull fuses. (TBC BATT, TBC IGN (which there's two of them TBC IGN 0, TBC IGN 1--pulled both), RADIO, INFO, also pulled RADIO AMP just to be safe.
2. Plugged in AutoCal, ignition on. Picked READ for E60 (LLY)
3. Starts to Read, then error. Press OK then it says IGN off NOW. Press OK, wait 15 seconds.
4. Tried to plug in my OBDII reader just to see what's going on. It also won't read. Says commnication error. Put the fuses back in for TBC IGN and TBC BATT and it was fine. Did not try the AutoCal with those fuses in (didn't want to screw anything up)
5. Last night, updated AutoCal to latest software and everything on the computer. Everything downloaded fine to V8.
6. Tried again today, same result with same fuses pulled.

NOTE: 6-Speed manual w/GearVendors over/underdrive and aftermarket radio. Pulled fuse for GearVendors unit as well.

Any suggestions? I called Longhorn about 8 times yesterday and sent 2 emails, no reply. Have searched the threads here but no answers that seem to match up to my problem. I can put all the fuses back in and truck runs fine. I just want to get these tunes loaded! I thought the install was going to be the tough part!