Good afternoon. I'm new to the forum and also new to tuning. I just completed a nice-looking installation of EFI Live DSP5 switch that I purchased from Longhorn Fab Shop. I thought that the install was going to be the hardest part, but I thought wrong! I already typed this message once, but for some reason it didn't post. So here's take 2:

Followed all procedures listed on instruction sheet for LLY. Also of note, it is a 6-speed manual with Gear Vendors under/overdrive unit I installed years ago; also aftermarket radio.

1. Pulled TBC BATT, RADIO, INFO, RADIO AMP, and TBC IGN (however, in this truck it's labelled TBC IGN 1. Inside the cab fuse box, there's one called TBC IGN 0. I pulled both of them. There are others labelled TBC, but not the ones specified, so I didn't pull them).
2. Plugged in AutoCal, turned on ign, then went to READ for E60 (LLY). Hit OK. says it's reading, then 1 second later shoots out code $0281. I hit OK, then it says turn ignition off. I hit OK then it says wait 15 seconds. This occurs each time, and I can't seem to get past this step. I even pulled the fuse for the Gear Vendors control unit and RADIO is already pulled so no aftermarket stuff is on grid.
3. Was discouraged so gave up last night. Brought AutoCal in and plugged it into computer and updated firmware and software to V8. Was hoping that would solve it.
4. Today, retried the process with the new update--no change. Still same error at same time.

Any suggestions for me? I tried reaching out to Longhorn 8 times yesterday, no answer. Emailed twice, no responses. Called today, but tuner guy wasn't in. Getting a little perturbed. Could use any help I can get, and thanks in advance! Seems like a nice forum here.