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Thread: E67 Oil Pressure and Temp

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    Default E67 Oil Pressure and Temp

    Working with OS 12618164 2008 Trailbalzer 4.2L LL8 E67. Unfortunately my BIN extracting tools will read E38 but not E67’s.

    Looking for:

    The LL8 uses an oil pressure switch at J3 pin 65 which doesn’t report actual pressure. I’m hoping there is a switch in this OS to enable J2 pin 60 like the V8’s.

    Manual transmission option (like the E40) to allow DVT controls when running without the TCM since there are no matching OS’s with manual transmission to use for a segment swap.

    Engine Oil Temp - Switching G1218 from Calculated to Sensor works. J2 Pin 65. Logs fine with EFILive but won’t log with Torq app (GM PID 221154)
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    Engine Oil Pressure:

    After dozens of hours I have found the address that defines oil pressure switch vs sensor. It is really only useful for people doing 4.2L LL8 swaps who want to log EOP and display it on Torque Pro or the likes. It looks like the other E67 controlled Ecotec and 3.6L all use an EOP switch as well, so you could find the address for those OS and switch them over to use a sensor.

    Engine Oil Temp

    I also found and added G1221 (shared by kidturbo for a few E38 OS). It looks like all E67 controlled engines are set to EOT by default except the LSA and LS9. That means EOT can be logged after switching G1218. To log EOT with Torque Pro use CAN ID 22153E. If you found G1221 for the LSA/LS9 you could likely switch them from TFT to EOT (only with manual transmission?) or switch the other platforms to TFT and possibly have the option to data log TFT.

    If anyone is able to help me find the address to define transmission type and VSS type (TCM vs direct to ECM pin) I'd really appreciate that. Also, it would be hand to have some E67 .bin files if anyone cares to share them with me


    Put the file in \Program Files\EFILive\V7.5\Calibrations and rename if from .txt to .cax

    Use at your own risk.

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