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    Ok I am going to try and explain what has happened and please excuse my ignorance. 2018 GMC with the 6.2L. I clicked on F3 and then auto detect then read ECM. At that point I screwed up something because it says it cannot accurately determine the internal segment layout for this file. please send file to support. Now I do not know what file and where to get it to send it to you. At this point I am lost at what to do. Please help. Thanks : Eddie

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    After reading the ECM and seeing that message you should be able to select click the [Save] button to save the data (that was read out of the ECM) as a tune file. Please send that tune file to EFILive ( so we can map it and add support for it in the software - assuming it is a platform that we can/do support.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    Thank You Blacky. I resent everything plus one so I hope ya'll get it this time. I will wait on yall.

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