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Thread: Half Dead Flashcan V2

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    Default Half Dead Flashcan V2

    Working on a LS1 for an old straw blower I am re-powering. I was cranking the starter motor and heard a loud crack and watched the V2 go up in smoke.
    I opened her up and found it burned up a resistor or cap or something rather important smelling! I'm trying to figure out what went wrong because surely it will happen again, most likely because of my homemade wiring harness.

    I am working with a 2000 LS1B ECM and serial data is on pin 2 of the OBD connector, I have no communication with this ECM but if I connect to 2007 LMM my Flashcan works perfectly most likely because CAN 6 and 14 are comms for that one.

    I would like to solder in a new resistor or whatever it is. Can one of you good folks point in in the right direction I can buy from Mouser and I have a hot air soldering station that should do the trick. Or else a new unit is in the works. All of my licenses are in this thing.


    BURNT Fred, my shop stinks so badly of electronics failure.

    Thanks for the help. Here's a picture as best I can.Click image for larger version. 

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    You will likely need to send it in for repair. They don't give out schematics or specs.

    If I had to guess, I would say it likely the same as the other Yellow chips that say:


    I have no idea what type of chip it is though.

    If your in the USA, SoCal Diesel is authorized to repair them. The repairs are actually very reasonable. They also sell replacement cables should you need those.

    If your in another country see who is Authorized to repair it.

    Also you should back up the license file.

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    It's on the way to Socal Diesel for a looksee. Thanks for the reply.

    Regards, Fred

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    I'd also suggest removing the picture with your serial number on it, just in case!

    Glad to hear it's on it's way to SoCal, keep us posted!
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    I want to thank EFILive and Socal Diesel for the great service.

    Socal tried to repair my mess but in the end I needed a new V2. It was 10 years old anyway and the USB port was getting funky.

    Thank-you Donna Blackmore I had it in 2 days!

    My shop still smells like version 2 on the barbecue grill, yuk.

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