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    So, I ended up buying a used V2 and a RR package. The V2 did not have any available VIN licenses, so I purchased an additional one and I have it available.

    Before I use that license up, I wanted to know if I am using the RR to scan, will it use that VIN license? In other words, would I need to purchase 2 VIN licenses to scan my stock PCM and the RR with the V2 software?

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    Scanning does not use a license, only flashing does. And i think the RR uses a license other than a VIN license, although I could be wrong.

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    Cougar281, thanks man! Noob mistake, I didn't realize scanning didn't require a licence. Crap.

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    You need to purchase a RR license to be able to make real-time tuning adjustments with it:

    As Cougar281 said, scanning/logging/clearing codes/reading controllers is free, only when you write changes to a particular controller do you need to license it.
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