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Thread: fuel status 58

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    Default fuel status 58

    I have a log from a customer where boost drops out and goes from fuel status 7 to 58. Can anyone point me in the right direction on fuel status 58?


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    What else is going on? What rpm, what boost, what's the fueling drop down to?
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    What is coolant temp in the log?
    Fueling State
    58 – EWP (Engine Warmup Protection)
    Disables accelerator pedal torque request in order to give time for oil pressure to build up and thus prevent damage to the engine.
    Time limit is based on coolant temp, colder the coolant the longer the delay

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    I'm having the same problem. The only thing has changed on my truck was the ECM. Now this issue. I repurpose my coolant temperature sensor for oil temperature as I don't run any coolant. Temperature on my log was 105 degrees. I got it up to 120 degrees and nothing changed either. I believe there's still some limiters behind the scenes that are not knocked out for the CMB ECM. I ran into the same similar issue last year except with timing being Limited. My trucks a little different as it doesn't use the standard sensors and a lot of them are repurposed for other things. but there's definitely some limiter still in these guys. Anyone have any ideas or operating systems I think my cure the problem? Tried 409, 202, 602 all in csp5 format with no luck. This is a manual transmission stand alone setup with heavy modifications if it matters.
    Fuel is being Limited to 51mm3 max

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