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Thread: help with cable to hook aem 30 0300 to flashscan v2

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    Default help with cable to hook aem 30 0300 to flashscan v2

    Hello, new member here. I am trying to find where i can either purchase a cable, or clear instructions on how to make my own, to link an aem 30 0300 wide band to my flashscan v2. I have tried searching but still do not have a clear picture of what I need. Thank you.

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    Based on everything I've read on here, with the newer x series gauges like that, analog output is faster, offers greater precision/smaller step size and compensates for any voltage offset errors, so it's a win-win. I have an Innovate gauge and use serial output right now and have been looking to go AEM, if I do, I'll wire it up analog. I know I didn't directly answer your question, but that might be a better route overall.

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    Yes, wire your AEM to FSV2 using analog connection, as was said it updates faster than serial

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    Awesome, thanks guys. Much apreciated

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